Carved Stones and Cameos

A miniature work of art, the cameo is an engraving made on the surface of a gemstone or shell.

A very ancient type of jewellery, the cameo still remains a precious object today, not only for its beauty, but also for the absolute skill of the engravers, who have made it an undisputed sign of refined elegance.

Faces and profiles of women, male profiles of heroes or warriors, mythological figures, animals, landscapes, architectural views and scenes of everyday life can be represented on a tiny surface and handed down from generation to generation. The cameo is therefore a piece of jewellery whose charm evokes memories of past times, emotions and creativity.

The jewellery auctions organised by the Curio Auction House often include cameos and engraved stones, objects that are much loved especially by discerning collectors. A jewel of complex production, the cameo is particularly popular in recent years, thanks to contemporary designers who interpret it in a modern key.

From romantic to more modern styles, cameos easily adapt to any garment and enrich it with elegance. Brooches, pendants and chokers, earrings, bracelets and rings with engraved stones, in shell, semiprecious stone and lava, are at Curio's auctions, selected with knowledge and care.

If you wish to sell a cameo at auction or receive an estimate for an antique jewel with engraved stones or lava, Curio Auction House offers a free and confidential valuation service.
Jacopo Guglielmi is a mechanical engineer with a degree from the University of Florence. He began working in the jewellery sector in 2002, preferring to follow the family business to the profession of engineer. He then became first a partner and then owner of the 'Cesare Mannelli' company: founded in 1875, with a considerable historical stock in the field of precious and semi-precious stones. He has experience in the application of old and new jewellery technologies and in restoration using the same techniques. His technical studies are particularly useful in metallurgy and the use of modern techniques such as laser and digital modelling. All this combined with an innate manual dexterity and a special creative vein. Jacopo Guglielmi collaborates with the Curio Auction House for the valuation of engraved stones and cameos and the repair of watches.
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Jacopo Guglielmi

Jacopo Guglielmi

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