Precious Stone and Diamonds

Curio Auction House also offers certified precious stones and diamonds in its regularly organised jewellery and watch auctions.

Thanks to the rich and varied offer of precious stones, our auctions turn into unmissable opportunities to make a safe and risk-free investment. Often, the purchase of a gemstone or diamond is not just about investment or financial gain, but is a genuine passion for precious gems, the possession of which is also linked to social status, as well as their undeniable beauty.

The most sought-after and rare precious stones of mineral origin are diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and aquamarine, and among the most sought-after precious gems of animal origin are pearls, ivory and corals.

Being natural precious stones, each one is unique and inimitable, with its own characteristics and therefore its own value. It is important to know that the value of gemstones can vary depending on a number of factors including rarity, clarity, weight, colour intensity and provenance, clarity and cut - if the stone is already worked.

The diamond and gemstone auctions organised by Curio Auction House offer high quality lots, carefully selected by our experts to provide unique buying opportunities for enthusiasts and those wishing to invest their capital in precious stones.

Goods of refuge par excellence, diamonds have a number of advantages as investment goods: besides being real and tangible objects, their ease of preservation thanks to their immutability over time, ease of handling and storage, high resale value, easy portability compared to precious metals such as gold, and their rarity are undeniable.

Diamond auctions are, for these reasons, opportunities to commit capital and, historically, diversify investment with safe purchases; moreover, the valuation of a diamond has a good margin of predictability over time and less chance of error. It is essential, if you are not trained in the subject, to seek the advice of diamond and gemstone experts when selling or buying at auction, thus avoiding disappointment or damage to capital.
Should you wish to sell diamonds at auction or offer gemstones for sale, our experts will be available for free, no-obligation valuations to select the best valuables for inclusion in Curio's auction catalogues. Those wishing to buy a diamond at auction or make an investment will have our experts available with personalised advice, tailored to your needs.
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