Bijoux Auctions


Bijoux Auctions 

Curio Auction house offers the latest trends in bijoux styles in witch modernity and elegance go hand in hand. Originality and dinamism are a must, those being the characteristics of contemporary designs in bijoux.  

Conceived for open-minded and active women, Curio's bijoux are the expression of reffinement and elegance of the modern lady that follows the trends without abiding to the general fashion rules. The woman taht our bijoux is conceived for sees the jewel as an important accesory for expressing personality and state of mind. 

Our catalogues gather important haute couture bijoux and jewellery collections: from the unexpected '80 geometries by Gianfranco Ferré to the English somptuosity in Burberry jewels, from Artigiana Fiiorentina bijoux to the vintage Italian jewellery by Missoni and gai Mattiolo.

Curio's bijoux auctions and the jewellery that we intorduce are selected by quality and variety, true masterpieces to wear.