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The Department of Fashion and Trends, in close correlation with our Curiosity Blog, closely follows the world of jewellery and its fascinating relationship with the world of fashion.

Jewellery dialogues with the world of fashion, often finding itself in a relationship of co-dependence. Not surprisingly, the art of jewellery is constantly transforming and evolving. The conception and creative process of a piece of jewellery takes into account the trends in the fashion industry and the needs that society and the times impose. Jewellery is an accessory that cannot be missing from a sophisticated outfit: the precious object is combined with clothing to enrich it with expressiveness and to increase its communicative power.

Since its inception, the vintage jewellery and accessories sector has contributed to the growth of Curio Auction House, increasing its value and credibility.

Proof of this are the sales of jewellery and bijoux from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, which often include accessories such as Hermès scarves, or elegant clutches in gold or silver, to complete and enrich even the most sophisticated outfits. The designer accessory is an excellent indicator not only of style, but also of status. The vintage accessories selected by the Fashion and Trends Department are chosen to meet the style and taste requirements of a sophisticated and discerning collector who seeks, in our sales, signed and rare pieces that are also ideal to buy as an investment.

If you wish to sell vintage accessories at auction, you can turn to Curio Auction House with the guarantee of having a reliable, professional partner who will know how to make the most of the valuable objects in your possession. To request an initial estimate of your fashion accessories, simply fill in the online form. Curio periodically organises appraisal days dedicated to vintage and luxury jewellery, watches and designer accessories in order to estimate and advise at best all those who want to sell their goods. Fixed appointments are in Florence, Bologna and Rome.
Laura Tabegna, an expert of the Department of Fashion and Trends, graduated in Law at the University of Florence in 2005 with a thesis on Public Finance. Since 2012, she has been a professional journalist, specialising in news and cultural heritage. She worked for ten years at the daily newspaper La Nazione. She currently collaborates with communication agencies, information websites, cultural associations, artists and galleries, focusing on new media and digital journalism.
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Laura Tabegna

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